Remove your acne from your face through lemon juice

Lemon is one of the important fruits and commonly found everywhere in the country. It is cheap, juicy and consists of great ingredient. The health values found in this fruit was known much earlier during the ancient Egyptian period. Eating of lemon can protect us from different poisons and there has been a series of researches on it.

Lemons are strongly anti-bacterial, anti-viral and most importantly consists of immune-boosting powers ingredients. Most of the health experts always suggest eating lemon and drinking lemon juice for weight
loss because of the presence of the above mentioned ingredients. Drinking of lemon juice helps in cleaning of the liver and a great booster of our digestive system.

Valuable components found in this fruit are magnesium, Vitamin C, Citric acid, Calcium, bio-flavonoids, limonene and pectin that make it to be strong to fight any infection in the body. With so much pollution everywhere now, everyone is affected by it. People, particularly the educated ones have been looking out to go healthy by focusing on their food habits.

As part of their core diet plan, lemon is just a common household name today. Here are some of the specific common usages and health benefits of lemon.

Treating acne: Lemon has the citric acid that helps in treating the acne. The presence of vitamin C in the citrus fruit is the reason why it can help in making your skin glow by killing the different types of bacteria which cause the acne.

How to treat acne through lemon in your home: You can apply fresh lemon juice on the acne in your face through your finger or a cotton ball. Initially you could feel a burning sensation and little discomfort but it will be over soon. After applying it in your face, you just leave for the overnight. Another way to use it is by freshly squeezing the lemon juice to honey water or rose and mix it. Apply this mix on the affected areas and keep it at least for half an hour. After that you wash with water and repeat this two times a day both in the evening and morning.

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