It was hectic day as I couldn’t prepare my breakfast or lunch to carry in my office at Noida sector 62. I
was hungry and I saw a person selling hot cakes, paranthas, Choley-Kulcehy. I thought to eat my breakfast and carry my lunch a couple of Paranthas. That person prepared two for me and I eat. It was nice, tasted good but then hardly I could reach to my office, I started to feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Gases inside my stomach started bubbling and eventually I got to return my home in the afternoon due to stomach pain.

That day I met one of my old friends in a bus who was coming from his coaching class. We engaged in conversation and I told why I was returning home early from the office. He suggested me to take a cup of hot water mixed with honey and lemon juice. As soon as I took it at my home, to my pleasant surprise the stomach pain was gone. Then I tried to find out how he knew it. So, in the evening I called him and asked him how he knew it, then he said me that he learned it from his grandmother who used to advise him to take it every time he has stomach-pain.

When I checked in Google, I found some of the best health benefits of in-taking honey with lemon juice in boiled, warm water in a glass.

Common benefits of lemon and honey
When you have stomach upset or stomach pain, take one tablespoon of honey mixed with lemon juice with one-half cup of hot water and it will cure your stomach pain. Even when you have mild sinus congestion as well as sore throat, this mixture will help you to cure them.

So, my experience has been pathetic and I promised not to eat at roadside stand with all the dusts around caused by moving cars and vehicles that get mixed with foods served by people in roadside stands which are truly unhealthy. Finally, I got relief after drinking a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey.

“Vivekananda Chakma”, the writer who has shared his self-experience stomach upset, pain and how he cured using honey, lemon and a glass of hot water.

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