We often hear people saying they have sugar or there has been an increase in the level of sugar in the body etc. However, many of us are still unknown about what exactly that sugar is all about and why it is important and how much of it is too much. Sugar which is known as Glucose in another name has a crucial role to play in the functioning of our body. In fact, sugar is vital source of energy that our cells and organs in our body need. For example, our brain and muscles get direct energy from it. That sugar usually comes from food that we eat and once we have it then it is known as the sugar level. And when this level increases, it poses threats to our health. Hence it is important for us to know early symptoms associated with it.

Common symptoms of a blood sugar

When we have increased level of blood sugar, here are few important symptoms that truly tell us we have high level of sugar.

Increased thirst: When we have blood sugar, we will have increased thirst.

Headaches: Having of headaches is another vital sign.

Trouble concentrating: When we have high blood sugar, we would have trouble to concentrate.

Blurred vision: It is another important symptom that tells us of having blood sugar.

Frequent peeing: Always remember that a person with higher blood sugar in the body usually pees more often.

Fatigue: Having of fatigue, weak and tired feeling is another true sign of having blood sugar.

Weight loss: The persons with sugar will automatically lose weight slowly and hence weight loss is considered to be one of the important symptoms as well.

What causes increase of blood sugar in our body?

The level of blood sugar increases when we eat too many grams of carbohydrates especially for the amount of insulin that we need. Too much eating of carbs in general is one way that leads to increase of blood sugar in our body. When we have infection or we fall ill, it also leads to blood sugar. Even when we lead a stressful life and remain inactive with less exercise than usual, it contributes towards acquiring of blood sugar.

How blood sugar affects us?

Blood sugar affects us in many different ways. For women, it can cause vaginal and skin infection. Sugar in our body also prevents sores or cuts in our body parts from healing rapidly. It leads to worse vision along with damaging of cold or insensitive feet and loss of hair in the lower extremities and even leads to erectile dysfunction. Even the person may suffer from stomach and intestinal problems consisting of diarrhea or chronic constipation. You may also be having of damage in your eyes, kidneys and blood vessels.

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