Best Tips to Beat Summer Heat

The planet earth has endowed us every kind of season that makes the environment suitable for the flourish of fruits, vegetables as well as flora and fauna. Every season that comes is truly beautiful and mesmerizing provided if you can enjoy keeping your health in good maintenance. However, for every-one of us, adapting to summer season is difficult at times which is why we must prepare and be ready to take pre-cautionary measures to beat sizzling temperatures. Here is a list of things that we should do to beat the high rising temperature and staying cool.

  1. Choosing both the cottons and linens:

In summer we should have lots of cottons and linens in our wardrobe. It is because they can help us keeping ourselves cool soaking sweat from the body. And we should avoid synthetic clothes and we must try to pick up light colors. Besides, we can also go for wearing the loose fitting clothes in order to add more comfort.

  1. Staying hydrated:

There is no better way to stay hydrated with drinking of lots of water and juices of many fruits. During summer normally our body loses water in the form of sweat. So, it is always a good idea to carry water along while hanging outside.

  1. No to oily and processed food:

In the summer our digestive system becomes little weak and this is the reason why we must avoid oily and processed food as much as possible. And instead what we can choose is fresh, light and high-fibre items which can be more digested.

  1. Taking care of our skin:

During summer, we should protect our skin with good sunscreen such as high SPF that will protect our skin from getting harmed because of harsh sun’s rays. It is good idea that we must apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before going out. What we can do is to stay indoor during such peak heat hours.

  1. Having routinely work out plan:

If you already exercise, you must continue it and do not stop it because of hot summer. You must still keep yourself active and you can engage yourself with it either late in the evening or morning.

  1. Eating fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits

In summer season, we have different kinds of fruits and vegetables that are available such as watermelon, lychee, cucumber, mangoes and many more etc. So, to remain healthy and strong in summer, we require eating these fruits and vegetables.

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