About us

We are one of the online healthcare consultants offering researched tips on various health issues. There is a beautiful story behind the idea why we built this Healthtipsconsult.com. Before I met my technical team, I went to the villages where I found many villagers young and old suffering from one ailment to another. There are no healthcare facilities for them, though they have many raw fruits and vegetables to rely on while going for healthy foods unlike those living in big metro-politan cities. But sadly, they do not know the value of food crops or fruits they grow.

My experience has ignited the idea to build a platform online where anyone can read, experience and learn healthy tips to stay fit and strong. This is the story how we came together and determined to build the website to provide plenty of healthy tips to them.

We believe that there are number of ways to stay healthy and fit through the proper practice of Ayurvedic Yoga, eating of healthy fruits and vegetables of organic nature. But the real challenge is people are not yet aware what healthy components are present in them. This is the way how we came up in the market and willing to extend all of our possible assistance to people out through www.healthtipsconsult.com

Major team members working with Healthtipsconsult are as follows:

  • Ankit Maurya
  • Prem Gupta
  • Vivekananda Chakma